FROZEN SHOULDER or medically known as Adhesive Capsulitis is where the shoulder is well Frozen, it becomes very restricted. Patients usually come to me when they are in stage two where the shoulder is severely restricted and not moving. They are having trouble reaching behind their back such as women trying to do their bras up, end up putting it on in the front. Pain on reaching into the back seat and cannot even think about lifting their hand over their head.

FROZEN SHOULDER occurs more in women then men, and generally age from 40-65. But I have seen it in ages 30-75 for men and women.

Physiotherapy can assist in many ways even if you are told it cannot help. I have been personally thanked numbers times for giving suggestions for positions of comfort, proper diagnosis, exercises for assisting movement, and assisting some of the muscles and structures around the entire shoulder joint. For advice on treatment, management, and physiotherapy diagnosis please contact us if you think you have a FROZEN SHOULDER.