Knee OA results in wear and tear of the knee joint surfaces. One or all three compartments can be affected. OA is roughing of the surfaces of the bones usually the weight bearing surface. It can be mild to severe. And I have treated everything in between. Some common signs and symptoms are stiffening of the knee especially in the morning, decreased range-of-motion, can be swollen but usually not red or hot. Patients often have crunchy knees, and if deteriorates can cause altered gait, such as limping. As the condition progresses I have often reviewed patients knees that have significantly lost strength. It is quite important to review with a Physio as you will need home exercises to improve joint ROM, and strength. A Physio can also order XRays or MRI’s if they deem appropriate to provide a definitive Physio diagnosis and/or prognosis. Please contact us if you or a Family member is potentially suffering from OA of the knee, or has been told they have OA of the knee and require surgery, they are definitely a candidate for our JointClinic and and PreHab services (Pre Rehabilitation).