Osteoarthritis in the hip can is generally a wearing down of the cartilage surfaces. Again it can be a roughing of the weight bearing surfaces and result in quite painful restricted hip. Common symptoms are deep hip pain, sometimes around to the buttock, and often a pinching or grabbing in the hip. Patients often will find them self stiff in the morning, trouble squatting, they will have a limp on walking, trouble putting socks or shoes on, and have restricted ROM. Review with a Physio is important to provide a proper Physiotherapy diagnosis and get you the proper exercises and management plan to improve your joint range of motion and strength around the joint. A Physio can also order X rays or MRIs if they deem it is important to determine a definitive diagnosis and prognosis, and whether it would change the management plan. Please contact us if you or a Family member is potentially suffering from OA of the hip, or has been told they have OA of the hip and need surgery, they are definitely a candidate for our JointClinic and and PreHab services (Pre Rehabilitation)