Golfers Elbow is a common elbow injury that can occur in Golfers but can occur in any one. Golfers Elbow is also known medically as lateral epicondylitis. The elbow pain is often experienced on the outside of the elbow. Golfers Elbow is often a result of repetitive movements at the wrist that cause increase in stress and strain to the outside of the elbow. Signs include strength deficits and pain on lifting objects such as lifting a jug of milk, or even a cup of coffee. Signs can also include redness and swelling on the outside of the arm near the elbow joint. You don’t have to be playing golf to have Golfers Elbow  and in fact more people experience golfers elbow from playing tennis than from golf.

At our Physiotherapy Clinics we have treated numerous clients with golfers elbow with good success, reducing their intensity of pain, swelling, while increasing strength and range-of-motion. If you are experiencing outside elbow pain it potentially could be Golfers Elbow. You would benefit from a consultation and proper physiotherapy diagnosis and management plan.