Acute Low Back Pain is an injury I see on a WEEKLY basis! Generally, it is where people describe their back is seizing up. Symptoms commonly are: sharp grab, can’t move, trouble standing up straight, was bending forward and twisting to stand, immediate sharp pain. Clients review with me either on the same day or the following couple of days. Occasionally people have trouble walking and are bent forward.

Physiotherapy diagnosis can often be obtained by an assessment experienced physiotherapist. Not in all cases obviously, but some people have sprained a joint in their back, or have created a small muscle tear in their back muscles. More serious back injury can be a disc bulge or herniation (refer to disc herniation for more information). But it is important to review with a Physiotherapist to assist you and manage your acute back pain. If deemed appropriate a Physiotherapist can order Medical Imaging if they believe it is warranted.