Our Townsville Physiotherapists and Ayr Physiotherapists can assist with your shoulder problems/pain.

Do you ever have the sensation that your shoulder is going to “pop out” during certain activities or experience painful, recurrent shoulder dislocations? If the answer is yes, it is likely that you have shoulder instability.

The shoulder has ligaments, tendons, muscles and bony structures which help to keep the upper arm bone in the shoulder socket. Shoulder instability, occurs if there is a fault with any one of these structures.

Physiotherapy treatment and a thorough, strengthening home exercise program can assist with this condition. Surgery may be indicated in some cases where conservative physiotherapy treatment cannot repair damaged structures. Please give us a call for a full physiotherapy assessment, diagnosis and management plan. (4724-4444)

Here is a video demonstrating a patient with hyper mobility of the shoulder, and an active instability.