Concussions are head injuries. And in fact the terminology in the Medical community in Canada and around the world are now referring to these as Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries (mTBI). The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention in the USA, state that a Concussion or mTBI changes the normal Brain functioning, as a result of a ‘jolt, bump, or blow to the head” or a hit to the body or fall that results in rapid movement of the head forward and backward.

mTBI’s or Concussions can be serious injuries and should be reviewed by a trained Health Professional. The SCAT2 is a common assessment tool to determine your level of injury and is used as a guide for return to sport/play, but should not replace a trained Health Professional, with experience in concussions or mTBI’s. And again, please contact your qualified health professional to administer the SCAT2, or contact your Physiotherapist or General Practitioner (GP) for further advice.