Physiotherapists are valued members of the Health Care Community. Physiotherapists are employed in large Multidisciplinary Hospitals to small Owner operated private clinics. Physiotherapists are University trained and have an extensive training and examination process to become qualified licenced Physiotherapists or Physical Therapists for those trained in North America.

Physiotherapists are most recognized for their work with Musculo-Skeletal, or Orthopaedic injuries. These include your sporting injuries, to your work related injuries and pre and post surgical clients. Any muscle or joint injury a Physiotherapist can assist with your recovery. Other areas Physiotherapists traditional field of work are Neurology and CardioRespirtory Therapy. Physio’s would work with stroke patients, spinal cord injured patients, to those suffering from pneumonia, or cystic fibrosis just to name a few.

At Townsville/Ayr Physiotherapy Clinics, general focus is on Family Physiotherapy. The musculo-skeletal injuries that occur during life whether it is due to sport, work, or age, we are here to assist with a physiotherapy diagnosis and provide an individualised treatment plan. We treat people of all ages and I have treated from as young as 6 months old to 96 years old. At our clinics we also treat people with lung infections such as pneumonia, through the use of Chest Physio, and we do have some specialized services. Sporting assessments is one area the Director of the clinic has completed some extra training. These include running, golfing, and swimming assessments, and bike set-ups. Improvement in movement patterns will assist in recovery from injury as well as help in assisting in preventing some injuries.

If you or your family member would like some advice or assistance in regards to your injury, please contact us.

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