Back Pain is the number one injury treated at Townsville Sports Injury & Physiotherapy Clinic. Patients I have treated suffer from disc bulges/herniations, broken or fractured backs to the more common, chronic back ache. Back Pain can be mild to very severe and deblitating.

Another common back injury that treat is the acute muscle spasm or often described as a grabbing in the back. My clients have difficulty standing upright and it can take their breath away. Back Pain, however, can be very complex and although physiotherapy can be of benefit with education, exercises such as Pilates/core stability, and treatment, there can be residual and some ongoing discomfort. But generally, and thankfully most of my clients experience relief from their discomfort, pain, and get a thorough understanding of their condition. I personally have treated thousands of backs, so if you would like an experienced opinion, please contact us.

Back Pain

Do you have BACK PAIN