At our Clinics we are continuing to learn ourselves, but also want to educate others. With permission of our patients we are posting images and videos of their conditions, to track their progression as well as assisting other Physio’s and educate our patients. (1) Lifting Techniques

Back Pain

Back Pain

  Back Pain is the number one injury treated at Townsville Sports Injury & Physiotherapy Clinic.¬†Back Pain can be mild to very severe and deblitating. Physiotherapists assess and treat people who have suffered broken or fractured backs to the more common, chronic ache, and disc bulges. Another common back injury that treat is the acute muscle spasm or often described … Read More

Real-Time UltraSound

Real-Time UltraSound (RTUS) is used by further trained Physiotherapists. Using RTUS allows a Physio to examine how a muscle is functioning. RTUS is particularly useful for viewing the deep abdominal muscles, the CORE, the muscles you are trying to contract during Pilates. RTUS is also used to view muscles in the legs especially when you have had a knee injury … Read More