PhysioCore and Pilates is about core stability, breathing, and movement, and is often used to assist people with Back Pain. It is about getting your “inner or core” turning on at the appropriate time. At our clinics we are offering Real-Time Ultrasound (RTUS) to actually show you the muscles everyone is talking about to “turning on your CORE”. With the specialized equipment you will be able to see the muscles in the “core unit”, and how to turn them on and off. We can offer introduction and exercise home PhysioCore program for you to complete in the convenience of your home. PhysioCore will guide you for your home mat exercises and your PhysioCore appointments will  guide provide exercise progressions.

In our Ayr Rehabilitation Clinic we are offering individualised PhysioCore programs, where you will use specialised Pilates equipment to strengthen and improve our back, trunk, and core muscles. The equipment used is the Reformer, Trapeze and Wunda Chair.


Call us today for our starter package and introduction to PhysioCore, on 4783 4699.