Mr. Rod Hidlebaugh B.A. (Hon), B.Sc.PT graduated from the University of Saskatchewan, Canada with Honours in Psychology 1996, and Honours in Physical Therapy in 2000. Read his CV for heaps of more detail.

Hello and welcome to North Queensland Sports Injury Clinics Pty., Ltd. website. Our Physio services are located both in Townsville and Ayr. At Townsville Sports Injury & Physiotherapy Clinic and Ayr Physiotherapy Clinic we provide personalized and individualized care to our clients.

Our physiotherapists are Rod Hidlebaugh, Rachel Nicolaides and Ute Miskin. All of our physiotherapists work in Ayr, and Rod and Rachel also work in Townsville on selected days. There is a physiotherapist located in both Townsville and Ayr everyday.

At our Physio clinics in Townsville & Ayr the most common injury treated is back pain. But our physiotherapists also have extensive experience in treating sports injuries, knees, hips, ankles, shoulders, elbows, wrist, and hands. At our centers we also offer Sports assessments, TMJ treatment, osteoarthritis treatment, and provide rehabilitation, education and exercises.

So whether you are in need of some treatment, assessment and management of injuries related to life, work or sport please contact us.

Enjoy the website. There is a lot of information and videos on the injuries and services we offer, and how we may be able to provide you with feeling better. We will provide you with a Physio diagnosis, and treatment and all your rehabilitation needs, as well as assisting in improving performance in your sport, while preventing injuries.

Our philosophy is truly, “BETTER MOVEMENT, BETTER HEALTH.” Thanks.

Rod Hidlebaugh

Senior Physiotherapist/Director of Services

We are located on the corner of Eyre and Gregory Street in North Ward. Beside the big new Coles.
Located at 54 MacMillan Street, Ayr. Queensland